Saffron Quality

Quality of saffron depends primarily on type of soil used for cultivation, climate, processing and storage. Moreover, wherever saffron is grown in the world its production is in the hands of small individual farmer and not in the hands of co-operatives or large corporations. Therefore, the traditional methods of quality control are the only form of checking the quality and originality of saffron. Chemical analysis at times of each purchase is hardly practicable. In Business, wide practical experience and expertise is required.

The experts judge the saffron just physically and its origins. The blending is normally done by importers in non producing countries because of the wide disparities in price. In practical kitchen term, the best quality saffron means low cost per use and imparting to dishes the desired levels of saffron aroma and flavour as well as colour. In commercial term, the saffron quality is judged on its colouring strength, which is tied directly to its aroma and flavour potential. The higher the colouring strength, the more intense the flavour and aroma. In general, the saffron is judged by various characteristics laid down under national as well as international standard specifications.

We are different because we purchase saffron after physical observation of saffron from its origin and than after cleaning and grading and teasting in our own laboratory, send it to only the government laboratory for testing. After getting the report saffron is sent for packing and dispatch. This whole process is done under the observation of the experts.

The new crop of Saffron for the whole year is grown between the end of October and beginning of November. The most important factors which are very important in saffron are Crocine ( Colour ) , Picocrocine ( Flavour) and Safranel ( Aroma ). Higher number of these factors is equal to higher quality of saffron. During the season of the crop these factors are at the higher level. But with the pessage of time they begin to loss them if the saffron is not properly stored.

From our research we have got the knowledge how to store it to keep it in the same position. We have also known where and which type of soil the best quality of saffron is grown from our research. So we purchase the whole lot of saffron from its best origin and store it to the place from where we provide it to the customers the same farm fresh saffron with original Crocine (Colour ), Picocrocine ( Flavor ) and Safranel ( Aroma ) at the time of purchasing during the whole year.

All these qualities of Saffron, Silver Varakh and Gold Varakh(Leaves) are according to the standards of The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSS)Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as well as International Organization of Standards (ISO).